Mission Statement

The Mission of Los Abogados is to enhance the legal profession by promoting diversity, improving the quality and administration of legal services, encouraging education in the Latino community, supporting the just application of Civil Rights, and advocating for the Latino community.


Los Abogados' first pillar is to enhance the legal profession by promoting DIVERSITY because it is imperative that our judicial system, State Bar and Supreme Court, boards and committees, and overall legal community reflect the community that they serve.


The second pillar of Los Abogados' mission is EDUCATION.  Los Abogados works to encourage education in the Latino community, as that is the pathway to success.  A main goal of the organization is to help members of our community attain a legal education.  Los Abogados also provides continuing legal education to our members who are serving our community and is also a key function of this organization.


The third pillar of Los Abogados' mission is to provide ADVOCACY for the Latino community.  Los Abogados has advanced this role beyond the courtroom and into our State Capitol, the State legislature, and our State Bar to improve the quality of life for ALL in our community.

Who We Are ...

Los Abogados is Arizona's Hispanic Bar Association. Los Abogados was founded in 1976 and incorporated in 1988. Members of Los Abogados include private and public attorneys, judges, businesspeople, paralegals, and law students. Members practice throughout Arizona and presently serve as officers and directors of county, state, and federal bar associations.

Los Abogados is an affiliate member of the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA).

2018 - Los Abogados Executive Officers


Ashley Villaverde Halvorson



Michael Valenzuela

Vice President


Judy Davila

Recording Secretary


Fernando Anzaldua



Marcos Tapia

Communications Director


Jason Barraza

Immediate Past President

2018 Los Abogados Board Of Directors

  •  Casey Arrellano
  • Antonio Bustamante
  • Daryl Gonzalez
  • Brandon Kavanagh
  • Daniel Arrellano
  • Ray Ybarra Maldonado
  • Alex Navidad
  • Phil Ortega
  • Araceli Rodriguez
  • Cindy Villanueva
  • Shayna Fernandez Watts
  • Freddy Saavedra : HNBA Representative

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